Category: Appetizers

Parle Monaco Cheeselings at Home

Cheeseling are those fried cheese foodies which you can also love as baked.And why buy them as a packaged food loaded With preservatives when you can make cheeseling lite Crispy fried biscuits easily at home. Ingredients:- 1 cup Refined flour … read more

Karela Chips

Karela chips can be made easily at home and they turn out to be crispy.Store them and enjoy anytime freshly homemade. Ingredients:- 1 cup sliced Bitter gourd / Karela 1/2 tsp Mango powder / Amchur 1/4-1/2 tsp Red chilli powder … read more

Spiral Samosa

This spiral Samosa has a twist not only in terms of design but taste too. These Aloo mutter samosas you can enjoy on the go follow the recipe and see yourself. Ingredients:- ( Serves 5 ) DOUGH 1 cup Refined … read more

Turkish Bread

Make Turkish bread,a paratha with a super tasty stuffing, which can be a perfect breakfast or brunch Ingredients:-  ( Serves 10 ) DOUGH 1 tbsp Oil / Tel 1 tbsp Curd / Dahi 1/3 tsp Salt / Namak 1/2 tsp … read more

Aloo Pudina Sev

Aloo pudina sev is a munching snack that is also used for various chaat recipes.Its made with Potatoes and Mint is a main flavouring agent.As it’s fried you can keep it stored in a cool place for even six mounths. … read more

Veg Muffin Buns

Make veg buns in a different shape and design. Ingredients:-  ( Serves 8-12 ) DOUGH 2 cup Refined flour / Maida 1 tsp Dry active Yeast 1/2 tsp Salt / Namak 1 tbsp Butter 1 tsp Honey / Shahad 1 … read more

Pizza Hut Style Garlic Bread

Here is the recipe of Pizza Hut style garlic bun or garlic bread. Ingredients:- 9 Round Bread pieces 50 gm Butter / Makhan 7-8 Garlic cloves / Lasan 1 finely chopped Onion / Pyaz Some salt / Namak Some Pepper … read more