Category: Appetizers

Paneer Pakora Croquettes

Paneer croquettes or in the simple term call it paneer pakora exactly made in restaurant style using same spices and ingredients.A perfectly snack to impressed your guests or pamper your tastes buds any time. Ingredients:- * 200 gms Cottage Cheese … read more

Stuffed Bafla Bati

Dal bati bafla bati is a traditional Rajasthani Indian cuisine made with lot of versions.Lets see here how we can make Bafla bati more universally appealing.It looks more like low fat North Indian Samosa Ingredients:- DOUGH * 2 Cups Wheat … read more

Quick Instant Vada

An innovative way of making instant Medhu Vada ,same as it is soft from inside and crispy from outside but with a twist of ingredients. Ingredients:- * 2 Cups Samolina / Sufi * Salt to taste * 1/2 tsp Cumin … read more

Puff Pastry With Filling

Very common and delicious snack made at home with your chosen filling. Ingredients:- FILLING * 1 tbsp Oil * 1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds / Zeera * 1 Onion * 2 Potatoes * 1 small Carrot or Beetroot * 1/2 Cup … read more

Paneer Samosa Recipe

Paneer Samosa is a new way of making age old Aloo Samosa specially for those who want to avoid Potatoes or want some kind of change and innovation in their traditional snack. Ingredients:- DOUGH * 2 Cups All Purpose Flour … read more