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Stuffed Bafla Bati

Dal bati bafla bati is a traditional Rajasthani Indian cuisine made with lot of versions.Lets see here how we can make Bafla bati more universally appealing.It looks more like low fat North Indian Samosa Ingredients:- DOUGH * 2 Cups Wheat … read more

Chocolate Chips

Make Chocolate chips at home with natural basic ingredients that are easily available without using any stabilizers. Ingredients:- * 1 Cup Coco Powder * 1 Finely ground sugar / Castor sugar * 1 Cup vegetable oil Method:- 1. Melt and … read more

Puff Pastry With Filling

Very common and delicious snack made at home with your chosen filling. Ingredients:- FILLING * 1 tbsp Oil * 1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds / Zeera * 1 Onion * 2 Potatoes * 1 small Carrot or Beetroot * 1/2 Cup … read more

Mexican Samosa – Chimichanga

  Chimichanga is a Mexican recipe made by baking the tortillas with a savoury filling in it.Tortillas are same as Indian rotis or round parathas.Ware oroaring here an Indian type filling. Ingredients:-SERVES 8 FILLING * 2 tbsp Oil * 1/2 … read more

Nutty Chocolate Cake

Nuty Chocolate Lava Cake very simple and easy to make and with molten chocolate frosting . Ingredients Dry 2 Cups All purpose Flour / Maida 2 tsp Baking Powder A pinch of  salt 4 tsp Coco Powder For Mix of … read more

Gujrati Bread Cake – Handvo

Handvo is a very famous Gujrati recipe .It can be called as a healthy mix of Lentils and vegetables combined together into a savoury cake.This recipe is very filling and can be eaten in any hour of the day. Ingredients:- … read more