Category: Curries

Chunky Soya Curry

Soya chunks curry can be made with lot of variation and here we make it with Chinese style but with twist dipped in Indian curry .Soya is considered rich source of protein Ingredients:- * 1 Cup Soya Chunks * 3 … read more

Original Kashmiri Shahi Dum Aloo

Today we will be making Dum Aloo a very famous vegetarian recipe from Kashmir made with fried potatoes in yoghurt gravy sauce and cooked on a low flame tightly covered over a long period of time -this is exactly what … read more

Rajma Masala Curry

Rajma or Red kidney beans is a very famous lentil curry that is made very rich .This recipe is actually considered as a Punjabi recipe but is made and relished all over India.This is one of the recipe that is … read more

Tofu and Cauliflower Curry

A special recipe that can be made both spicy hot or simple best for a party get together. Ingredients:- For Marinating • 200gms Tofu • ½ Cup Yoghurt / Curd • ½ tsp Ginger Paste • ½ tsp Pepper • … read more