Category: Fries

Quick Instant Vada

An innovative way of making instant Medhu Vada ,same as it is soft from inside and crispy from outside but with a twist of ingredients. Ingredients:- * 2 Cups Samolina / Sufi * Salt to taste * 1/2 tsp Cumin … read more

Paneer Samosa Recipe

Paneer Samosa is a new way of making age old Aloo Samosa specially for those who want to avoid Potatoes or want some kind of change and innovation in their traditional snack. Ingredients:- DOUGH * 2 Cups All Purpose Flour … read more

Crispy Masala Bhindi Fry

Kurkuri bhindi is a very different style of making masala bhindi fry which can also come in as an appetizer or snack.Lady finger is coated with savory spices and then coated with rice or corn flour to give it a … read more