Category: Indian Cuisine

Paneer Samosa Recipe

-+*Paneer Samosa is a new way of making age old Aloo Samosa specially for those who want to avoid Potatoes or want some kind of change and innovation in their traditional snack. Ingredients:- DOUGH * 2 Cups All Purpose Flour … read more

Ghatte Ki Sabzi

-+*Ghatte ki sabji is a Rajasthani recipe that is made out of Gram flour added with lots of flavoured spices and herbs. Ingredients:-(Serving 6) For Gatte * 2 cups Gram Flour / Besan * 1/2 tsp or Salt to taste … read more

Crispy Masala Bhindi Fry

-+*Kurkuri bhindi is a very different style of making masala bhindi fry which can also come in as an appetizer or snack.Lady finger is coated with savory spices and then coated with rice or corn flour to give it a … read more

Besan Ke Ladoo

-+*Besan Ladoo is a very comman sweet in North Indian household.These are usually made in bulk quantity and  are kept stored for tea time and guests. Ingredients:-(Serving 12) * 1 and 3/4 Cup Melted Butter / Desi Gheeu * 2 … read more

Masala Methi Khakra

-+*Khakra is a well known lite Gujarati savoury snack recipe.It can be made both plain or along with added spices and kept stored air tight for at least a mounth.Khakra is rolled out into a thin Roti just like papad … read more

Kadai Chole

-+*  Kadai Chloe is an exclusive Punjabi recipe from India.White Chickpeas are soaked and sauted in Ghee or butter with added spices that makes it unresistable .Usually eaten as a high protein heavy breakfast with Indian Bread. Ingredients:- * 500 … read more

Aloo Paneer Kulcha

-+*Kulcha can be called an Indian bread stuffed with your chosen filling slightly crispy outside but soft and moist inside.These kulchas can be served with some savory curry like Kabuli channa dal. Ingredients:-(Serving 6) KULCHA DOUGH • 2 cups All … read more

Besan Ka Halwa

-+*A mouth watering Indian dessert made using rich flavors and Ingredients perfect for food lover having sweet tooth.But you will have to definitely hit the gym after eating it.This is one of the most favorite dessert of the team of … read more