Category: Indian Curries

Besan Bharwa Shimla Mirch

We have made shimla mirch in a different way that can be eaten as a snack or side dish. Ingredients:-  6-7  Capsicum / Shimla mirch 1 tbsp Oil / Tel 1/2 tsp Cumin / Zeera 1 tsp finely chopped Ginger … read more

Misal Pav

Misal pav is a very famous spicy street food recipe from Maharashtra made using some basic ingredients easily available in your kitchen. Ingredients:-  ( Serve 10 ) MASALA 1 tsp Oil / Tal 2 tsp Cumin / Zeera 1 tbsp … read more

Matar Aloo Sabzi

Matar Aloo is a very popular and common Indian curry that can be easily made with various variations.Here we will make it in a simple way with few basic ingredients without adding Onion. Ingredients:-  ( Serve 8) 3 Medium Potatoes … read more

Paneer Butter Masala

You must have enjoyed Paneer butter masala or paneer makhani in restaurants or dhaba several times.But here we will create same aroma and flavour at home. Ingredients:-  ( Serve 4 ) 2 tbsp Butter 1 tbsp Oil 2 Dry Red … read more

Matar Paneer

This is without gravy dhaba style creamy Paneer matar Bhurji that is easy and quick to make. Ingredients:-  ( Serve 4 ) 500 gm Cottage cheese / Paneer 1 tbsp Butter 1 tbsp Oil 2-3 Bayleaves / Tej patta 1/2 … read more

Sarso Ka Saag

Sarso ka saag ,a winter speciality is specifically a recipe from Punjab.Its supper delicious and is made with pure butter served along ‘Makki ki Roti’ that is Tortilla made using a Cornmeal. Ingredients:- 500 gm Green Mustard / Sarso saag … read more

Kashmiri Palak Matar

A delicious Indian curry from Kashmir made using special spices used inky in Kashmiri recipes. Ingredients :- ( Serves 4 ) 759 gm Spinach / Palak 2 tbsp Mustard Oil 1/2 tsp Cumin / Zeera 1 onion A pinch Asafoetida … read more

Traditional Authentic Sambar

Sambar a popular South Indian dal recipe served with Rice,Dosa,Idli or vada.Sambar can be considered healthy in sense because of its vast ingredients and variety of vegetables that go in its making.lpLets make sambar in restaurants style without loosing its … read more

Aloo Kofta Curry

For vegetarians potato lovers aloo kofta can be called a treat.With a lot of spicy Indian flavours. Ingredients :- ( Serves 6 ) KOFTA 4 boiled Potatoes / Aloo 4 tsp Corn flour Salt to taste 1/2 tsp Cumin / … read more