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Suji ka Halwa by RecipesYouLike

-+*Delicious simple Indian easy to make home made sweet dish with main ingredients like sugar, suji that is semolina, milk, water and dry fruits like Cashew nuts, Almonds, Coconut powder for garnish. The shown dish will serve 4. It is … read more

Besan Ke Ladoo

-+*Besan Ladoo is a very comman sweet in North Indian household.These are usually made in bulk quantity and  are kept stored for tea time and guests. Ingredients:-(Serving 12) * 1 and 3/4 Cup Melted Butter / Desi Gheeu * 2 … read more

Besan Ka Halwa

-+*A mouth watering Indian dessert made using rich flavors and Ingredients perfect for food lover having sweet tooth.But you will have to definitely hit the gym after eating it.This is one of the most favorite dessert of the team of … read more

Gajjar Burfi

-+*Ingredients :- 1 tbsp Clarified Butter / Desi Ghee 500gms grated Carrot / Gajjar 1 Cup Sugar 250gms Condensed Milk 2 tbsp Milk Powder 1 tsp Green Cardamom Powder / Hari Elachi 2 tbsp chopped Mixed Dry Fruits Direction :- … read more

Kalakand The Milk Cake

-+*Milk Cake also known as Kalakand very simple and quick to make Mitai ,one of my favorite and requires few ingredients that are easily available in our kitchen. Ingredients:- • 400 gm Full cream Cottage Cheese/ Paneer • 400 gm … read more

Singhare Ka Halwa

-+*Water Chestnut or Sighara as called in Indian Hindi language is a very important food item during the vrat or fasting days. A lots of recipes are prepared out of this fruit used most commonly in form of flour. Ingredients: … read more

Khajur Ki Kheer

-+*A very popular household easy and simple to make sweet dish from India that is made using only three main ingredients Rice, Milk  and Sugar. We have here tried out to make it with a difference adding Dates that gives … read more

Agra Ka Petha

-+*All of us who have a sweet tooth especially for Indian sweets must have been well known with Petha and specially Agra ka Petha. This very famous sweet from the city of Taj Mahal- Agra has a nostalgic place in … read more