Category: Sweet Dishes

Poha Kheer

Make a instant kheer for your breakfast in just 5 minutes. Ingredients:- 1 cup Rice flakes / Poha 1-2 tsp Butter / Desi ghee 4 cups or 1 Litre Milk 1/4 cup chopped Nuts ( Mix of Cashews & Almonds … read more

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a very very popular Indian sweet mithai that is served at any auspices occasion.Here we will make them in typical Halwai style with Khoya / Mawa as a main ingredient.As Khoya is. It easily available we will … read more

Danedar Mohan Thal Sweet Mithai

You won’t believe this Indian sweet Mohan thal can be easily made for any festive occasion like Holi,Dewali or Raksha Bandhan at home using Besan that is transformed into a deferent texture spwhich is speciality of 5his this particular sweet. … read more


Churros is a Spanish sweet recipe that can be made fried or baked,both ways it always turns out delicious.Serve them fresh with chocolate sauce,pudding or drink. Ingredients:- DOUGH 1+1/4 cup Milk / Doodh 2 tbsp Butter 3/4 cup Refined flour … read more

Authentic Halwai Jalebi

Jalebiis a common sweet that can be literally eaten everyday available at every corner Halwai shop.These are crispy crystal like transparent juicy round pipe filled with sugar syrup.You can make this humble Indian sweet in an exotic or a simple … read more


Basundi is a popular traditional dessert of Gujrat and Maharashtra made usually during festive occasions. Ingredients:- ( Serve 4 ) 1 Litre full fat milk 1/4 cup Sugar 1/4 tsp Green cardamom / Hari elachi 1/4 tsp Nutmeg powdered / … read more