Chawal ki Roti

Chawal ki Roti or chawal ka Atta ki Roti is a traditional recipe commonly prepare in kashmir and also in south India where it is known as Akki roti.Here we will prepare a very simple recipe of Rice flour roti.


* 1 Cup Rice flour
* Salt to taste
* 1 tbsp Oil
* Warm water
* Oil or Ghee for roasting


1. Mix all the ingredients together and need it into a soft dough .
2. Now keep the dough covered aside to rest for about 10 min.
3. Take a big lemon size portion of the dough and roll it out into a roti.
4. Roast the roti over a Gridle or Tawa adding Ghee or Oil on both sides.



* The dough is more easily manageable and soft when the flour is kneaded with warm water.

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