Drinks and beverages can be both hot drinks and cold drinks.

Homemade healthy fresh Watermelon juice

Homemade Indian style spicy watermelon juice | fresh healthy watermelon juice recipe 


How to make Homemade Indian style Watermelon juice to boost metabolism | Simple and best refreshing healthy watermelon juice recipe ...

Mango Mastani Ki recipe

Pune Mango Mastani Ice Cream Drink | Mango Mastani Ice Cream Shake


Mango Mastani is a famous drink from the city of Pune,its more of a dessert than a shake or it ...

Masala sattu pani

Bihari Style Masala Sattu Pani | Roasted Chana Sattu Pani


Bihari Style Masala Sattu Pani | Roasted Chana Sattu Pani . Sattu has a meaning of its own which means ...

5 Amazing Healthy Summer Drinks


Simple and easy to make five summer cool fruit mocktail drinks that will fresh you. Ingredients:- ORANGE BANANA SHAKE 1 ...

Starbuck Hot Chocolate Drink


Make a delicious cup of hot chocolate drink just same as a Starbucks at your own home Kitchen.Lets get started. ...

Turmeric Milk Ayurvedic Golden Haldi Doodh


Turmeric milk also known as golden milk in Ayurveda is a good immune booster loaded with some essential herbs and ...

Mango Lassi


Mango lassi a lovely refreshing drink with yogurts and sweet mango pulp. Ingredients:-  ( Serve 2 ) 2 cup Mango ...

Three Flavours of Sattu Pani


Sattu that is roasted gram flour can be called our Desi energy source.It is originated from Bihar region and Various ...

Indian Masala Tea


This Masala chai or tea can be considered to be from Gujrati.A sorted blend of spices ideal for winters and ...



Faluda is a popular dessert very common in summers and loved by all.It can be made in various variations with ...

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