Indian Sweets

All types of Indian mithai or sweets from north,south,east and west of India.

Chhena Poda image famous odisha mithai like baked Indian cheese cake

Baked chhena Poda with jaggery in kadai without oven | Cottage cheese baked cake


Authentic and original Indian baked cheese cake from odisha | Sugar-free Chhena poda | Cottage cheese baked cake Step by ...

Sabudana ki kheer kaise Banate hain

Creamy Homemade sabudana kheer recipe | Recipe of sabudana kheer


Sago kheer | Sago payasam | Tapioca kheer | Sabudana kheer banane ki vidhi | sabudana kheer kaise Banta hai | Sabudana ...


Meetha Shakarpara recipe | Crispy Sugar coated White Shakkarpara 


Shakarpara is a popular sweet crisp flaky fried small biteable cookie snack. It’s a very simple mithai that can be ...

White sesame seeds and coconut khoya ladoo recipe

Healthy homemade til ke laddu | Khoya til laddu | white til Coconut ladoo


Til mawa ladoo | Tilache ladoo | Healthy homemade til ke laddu | Khoya til laddu | Safed til ke ...

Balushahi mithai photo

Best perfect Bengali style sweet Balushahi mithai recipe | Khasta Gaja sweet Recipe 


Badusha sweet recipe | Balushahi ki recipe kaise banate hain ya Baiushahi kaise banaye jati ha, ya Balushahi banane ka ...

Suji ke gulab jamun recipe kaise banate hai

Easy Suji gulab Jamun recipe with special ingredients | Rava gulab jamun with milk powder


How to make suji gulab jamun recipe | suji ke gulab jamun kaise banaye jate hain | suji se gulab ...

Rice jaggery Ladoo

Rice ladoo | Chawal ke aate ke laddu with jaggery


Gud chawal ke ladoo | Rice flour ladoo with jaggery | Chawal aate ke laddu. Rice Laddu is a cherished ...

Tirupati ladoo prasadam

Famous Tirupati Ladoo Recipe | How to make Tirupati laddu recipe at home


  Tirupati motichur laddu recipe | Tirupati laddu recipe ingredients | Tirupati style laddu | If you are in love ...

Steamed yogurt mango bhapa doi

Quick Bengali Dessert Mango Bhapa Doi Recipe | Aam Bhapa Doi Steamed Mango Flavored Yogurt


Bhapa doi also known as ‘sweet steamed yogurt pudding’ is a traditional and popular delightful dessert from Bengal that has ...

Bengali dessert bhapa doi

How to Make Bhapa Doi in Microwave Oven | Traditional Bhapa Doi With Condensed Milk


Are you looking for a creamy and heavenly dessert that will make your taste buds dance? Try out Bhapa Doi! ...

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