Rice Bowl

Step by step with photo and video Rice recipes of India and also Chinese rice recipes,Indo Chinese rice recipes,South Indian rice recipes.kashmiri rice recipes,Bengali rice recipes.Rice recipes include pulao,biryani,khichadi,fried rice and leftover rice recipes.

Egg biryani

How to Make Easy Step by Step Egg Dum | Biryani


Biryani is a popular Indian dish.Its an incredibly delicious dish in itself. aromatic layers of flavors made with basmati rice, ...

Kashmiri moong dal khichadi recipe

Kashmiri Style Special Moong Dal Khichdi | Mong khyachir Khech mavas Special recipe


Khichdi is not only a traditional Indian dish but also the national dish of India. It is a simple wholesome, ...

Vegetable Brown Rice Pulao | How to Cook Brown Rice Pulao Without Pressure Cooker


Brown rice pulao can be said as a wholesome recipe that in a healthy way satisfies your taste buds and ...

How to make Indian Veg biryani recipe

Kathal Ki Biryani Ki Recipe in Pressure Cooker | Indian Jackfruit Biryani Recipe 


Biryani is one of the most popular Indian dishes that is said to be originated from the Mughal period and ...

Tomato Schezwan Veg fried rice

Veg Schezwan Tomato Fried Rice | Chinese Schezwan Fried Rice


The word Schezwan originated from Sichuan province of China from where came Schezwan sauce which is a spicy and flavourful ...

Easy to make authentic lemon rice

Spicy Indian Lemon Rice | How to Make Instant Lemon Rice


Easy Spicy Indian Lemon Rice | Best Chitrannam | How to Make Instant One Pot Lemon Rice. Lemon rice can ...

Mixed Vegetable Soya Biryani With Biryani Masala


In this recioe of mixed veg Biryani we will learn how to make not only a tasty biryani but also ...

Mexican Rice


Mexican rice as name says is recipe from Mexico with keeping it simple authentic way of making let’s make it ...

Kashmiri Meetha Dry Fruit Pulao


Meetha pulao of Kashmiri though is a sweet recipe but is not served as a dessert but is main course ...

Veg Mushroom Rice Bowl McDonald’s Style


Healthy veg Rice Bowl served in McDonald’s style full of cheese veggies and mushroom.Do give recipe a try. Ingredients:-  ( ...

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