Learn step by step Indian vegetarian curry recipes like aloo matar,Matar Paneer,Palak paneer,Aloo Gobi are some of the most popular.Indian curry recipes also include dal recipes like Rajma dal,chola dal,chana dal,Urad dal and so on.

Punjabi chole masala recipe

Amritsari chole masala recipe | Amritsari cholle | Punjabi Amritsari chana masala


Amritsari chole dhaba style | Amritsari chole is such a recipe that is significant with the rich culinary heritage of ...

मटर का निमोना

Hare matar ka nimon kaise banana hai | spicy matar ka nimona UP style | aloo matar ka nimona | How to make Matar ka nimona ki recipe


Hari matar ka nimona | matar ka nimona banane ki recipe | matar ka nimona kaise banaya jata hai | ...

Dhooska recipe

Dhuska And Aloo Sabji Masala Traditional street food of Jarkhand | Easy Simple Dhuska Potato Curry Recipe


Dhuska and aloo sabzi traditional and authentic street food of Jharkhand Recipe | Dhooska and potato curry recipe. Learn how ...

patta gobhi matar masala

Punjabi Style Patta Gobhi Matar Masala | patta gobhi ki sabji Recipe dhaba style | cabbage sabzi punjabi style


Patta gobhi ki sabji dhaba style | Punjabi cabbage sabzi recipe | Bandh gobhi matar recipe | Patta gobi ki ...

Kathal Ghee roast Ki sabji

Authentic Spicy Raw Jackfruit Ghee Roast Curry | Kathal Ghee Roast Ki Sabji With Coconut 


Jackfruit Ghee roast is a popular dish from Mangalore and has gained some more popularity in recent years. How to ...

Restaurant Style Paneer makhani masala

How to Make Best Butter Paneer Makhani Curry Recipe | Butter Paneer Masala Makhaniwala Curry


Paneer Makhani also known as Paneer butter masala Is a yummy delicious creamy cottage cheese recipe that is called Paneer ...

केला बेसन की सब्जी

Besan Kache Kele Ki Masaledar Sabji Kaise Banaye | How to Make Raw Banana


Besan ke kele ki sabzi | Raw unripe Banana are known as Kacche kele in Hindi. There are many recipes ...

kathal roganjosh 65 ki sabji banane ki vidhi,

Roganjoshi Kathal 65 | How to Make Kathal Roganjosh Ki Sabji 


Kathal Roganjosh is ready to be served hot with rice, roti, or naan. The dish not only tantalizes the taste ...

Chole Palak recipe

Kabuli Chana Palak | Spinach With Chickpea Curry | Kashmiri Palak Chole 


We as a vegetarian might love the recipe of Palak Matar and it’s like a staple food in all vegetarian ...

Indian spinach Paneer cheese dish

Step by Step Best Malai Palak Paneer Makhani Ki Sabji | Easy Shahi Masala Butter Palak Paneer Restaurant Style


Palak paneer is an authentic Punjabi creamy Spinach and Cottage cheese sabji curry.In English Palak is spinach and Cottage cheese ...

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