Make easy to prepare and bake healthy delicious tasty eggless vegetarian cakes,muffins,cup cakes.Bake any cakes WIthout Oven or with oven.

Dry fruit tooty fruity cup cake

Dry fruit Fruity Tutti Cupcakes without oven | eggless tooti fruity cake | tutti fruity cake


If you are craving for a delicious cup cake but don’t have an Oven? No worries!You can bake a delightful ...

Chhena Poda image famous odisha mithai like baked Indian cheese cake

Baked chhena Poda with jaggery in kadai without oven | Cottage cheese baked cake


Authentic and original Indian baked cheese cake from odisha | Sugar-free Chhena poda | Cottage cheese baked cake Step by ...

How to make coffe chocolate cake with cream eggless without oven

How to make Best eggless Moist easy dark chocolate coffee cake recipe


Simple Eggless chocolate Coffee Chocolate Cake Without Oven from scratch | Dark chocolate coffee cake with simple design for beginners ...

Dry fruit walnut carrot cake

Eggless Homemade Super Moist Carrot Cake | Gajar Halwa Cake


Carrot cake is a very comforting cake recipe that can not only be enjoyed as a tea time cake but ...

Famous summer cool drink from pune mango mastani recipe Jhatpat kacche aam ka chunda Reeipe | Keri ka chunda | Instant Aam ka chunda How to Make Atta Ladoo | Dry Fruit Atta Laddu With Jaggery Quick Veg Semolina Bonda Fritters