Make eggless vegetarian desserts from India

Suji ke gulab jamun recipe kaise banate hai

Easy Suji gulab Jamun recipe with special ingredients | Rava gulab jamun with milk powder


How to make suji gulab jamun recipe | suji ke gulab jamun kaise banaye jate hain | suji se gulab ...

Street style churros with chocolate sauce

How to make Homemade Eggless baked churros | Best Easy to make maxican churros


How to make churros | From where churros originated | What are churros made of | where did churros come ...

Chocolate malai ice cream with biscuits

Thick Creamy Ice Cream Without Whipping Cream | How To Make Chocolate Malai Ice Cream Kulfi without chocolate


In hot summers to satisfy our sweet tooth we always crave for Ice cream and if its chocolate ice cream ...

Steamed yogurt mango bhapa doi

Quick Bengali Dessert Mango Bhapa Doi Recipe | Aam Bhapa Doi Steamed Mango Flavored Yogurt


Bhapa doi also known as ‘sweet steamed yogurt pudding’ is a traditional and popular delightful dessert from Bengal that has ...

Bengali dessert bhapa doi

How to Make Bhapa Doi in Microwave Oven | Traditional Bhapa Doi With Condensed Milk


Are you looking for a creamy and heavenly dessert that will make your taste buds dance? Try out Bhapa Doi! ...

dark chocolate fudge

Secret To Make Best Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe | How To Make Authentic Dark Chocolate Fudge


Do you have a sweet tooth that desires for the ideal fusion of delicious chocolate and velvety texture? Look nowhere ...

vermicelli kheer

Vermicelli kheer Recipe | How to Make Seviyan Kheer At Home | Meethi Milk Kheer Seviyan


Hey, a cooking enthusiast looking to explore new dessert recipes, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will walk ...

differnce between amrakhand and shrikhand

What is Amrakhand | How to Prepare Homemade Thick Creamy Amrakhand recipe


Amrakhand is an Indian dessert that originated and was made in Maharashtra and Gujrat. Shrikhand when infused with flavourful mangoes ...

How to make Apple Murabba

How to Make Homemade Apple Murabha Recipe | How to Preserve Apple Murabba


Apple murabba is a traditional Indian is a delightful way to savor the goodness of apples all year round.How to ...

Main ingredient for making thekua

Khasta Bihari Gud Wala Thekua Kaise Banate Hai | Atte Ka Thekua Banane Ki Vidhi 


Thekua is the traditional Indian sweet made from the eastern part of India  that is Bihar during the festive seasons specially ...

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