Fried rice | Khichdi

Fried rice and khichdi both are rice related recipes and can be a comfort food easy to make for anyone specially Indian rice lovers.Fried rice can be made either by leftover rice or even fresh made rice with lots of options and flavours to add in such as veg fried rice, lemon rice,Curd rice ,tamarind rice.On the other hand every region of India has its own khichdi,so we will take collection of khichdi from all parts of India.Bengali khichdi,North Indian khichdi,khichadi from south and west India khichadi.Khichdi can also be made as rice khichdi,dal khichdi,palak khichdi,masala khichdi,sabudana khichdi,daliya khichdi

Kashmiri moong dal khichadi recipe

Kashmiri Style Special Moong Dal Khichdi | Mong khyachir Khech mavas Special recipe


Khichdi is not only a traditional Indian dish but also the national dish of India. It is a simple wholesome, ...

Tomato Schezwan Veg fried rice

Veg Schezwan Tomato Fried Rice | Chinese Schezwan Fried Rice


The word Schezwan originated from Sichuan province of China from where came Schezwan sauce which is a spicy and flavourful ...

Easy to make authentic lemon rice

Spicy Indian Lemon Rice | How to Make Instant Lemon Rice


Easy Spicy Indian Lemon Rice | Best Chitrannam | How to Make Instant One Pot Lemon Rice. Lemon rice can ...

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