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Best collection of Indo Chinese vegetarian recipes for weekends,dinner party or get together. Enjoy hot spicy sweet and sour soups,Hakka noodles,fried rice,veg manchurian mix, MoMos,Schezwan Recipes and more.

Picture of honey chilli potato

hotel style Crispy Sweet spicy honey chilli potato starter snack 


Indo Chinese restaurant style crisp honey chilli potato at home | Best and easy to make Indian honey chilli potato  ...

Indo Chinese Crispy chilli baby corn fritters with gravy

Best and easy Crispy chilli baby corn recipe | crispy tomato chilli baby corn | Stir fry chilli baby corn Manchurian


Dry chilli baby corn indo Chinese style | Restaurant style honey chilli baby corn starter | Crispy chilli baby corn ...

Pasta with Ching’s Chinese sauce

Schezwan Masala Cheese Veg Pasta | Creamy Schezwan Sauce Pasta Recipe | Schezwan Chutney Pasta


From the flavourful sweet and spicy veg Schezwan sauce premix you can make a variety of other Indo-Chinese recipes in ...

Namkeen semiya Upma recipe

Veg Semiya Upma Recipes | Vermicelli Veg Upma | Namkeen Seviya Recipe | Sewai Ka Upma 


Vermicelli Upma also called Sevai upma is a type of breakfast recipe that has come from south India.Seviyan is an ...

Tomato Schezwan Veg fried rice

Veg Schezwan Tomato Fried Rice | Chinese Schezwan Fried Rice


The word Schezwan originated from Sichuan province of China from where came Schezwan sauce which is a spicy and flavourful ...

how to make chilli potato in hindi

Best Chilli Potato Recipe WIthout Honey | Potato Chilli Garlic With Spicy Veg Schezwan Sauce


Chilli potatoes are said to be a combination of Indo-Chinese recipes. It is somewhat similar to Chilli paneer and Chilli ...

Hotel style indo Chinese vegetable mix

Instant Indo Chinese Schezwan Veg Premix Sauce | Hotel Style Premix 


Szechuan also spelled as Sichuan or Schezwan is one of the Chinese cooking cuisine that originates from the Sichuan province ...

indo chinese chilli paneer with gravy

Crispy Paneer Chilli Recipe | Make Chinese Chilli Paneer Dry And With Gravy


If you love to have indo Chinese cuisine, then Chilli paneer will be definitely one of your favourite recipes. It’s ...

Mishti doi | bengali Mishti doi recipe | sweet Bengali curd