Gulab Jamun


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Gulab Jamun is a very very popular Indian sweet mithai that is served at any auspices occasion.Here we will make them in typical Halwai style with Khoya / Mawa as a main ingredient.As Khoya is. It easily available we will make it in just 5 minutes.

Ingredients:- ( Serve 24 )


* 1/4 cup Clarified butter / Desi ghee
* 1+1/2 cup Milk powder
* 1/2 cup Milk


* 300 gm Cottage cheese / Paneer
* 150 gm Khoya / Mawa
* 75 gm or 6 tbsp Refined flour / Maida
* 3 cup Sugar / Chini
* 1/2 tsp Baking powder
* 2 cup Water / Pani
* 1/2 tsp green Cardamom powder / Hari elachi
* 1/2 Lemon / Nimbhu
* Ghee or Oil for frying
* Few strands of Saffron / Kesar ( Optional )


1. Make khoya by mixing ghee, milk powder and milk altogether in a pan and then put it over the stove to cook till it gets thick to a Halwa type consistency.
2. Let Koya cool down,meanwhile to make Sugar syrup melt sugar in Water over low.Then let it come to boil,keep boiling till you get a Oily sugar syrup consistency.
3. Add lemon juice to stop sugar crystallisation and Cardamom powder for flavour.
4. Now mix mash knead rub Khoya and Paneer together to make a smooth soft dough.
5. Next mix Maida and Baking powder together.Then add and incorporate this to Khoya Paneer dough.
6. Make small balls out of the made dough without cracks.
7. Add made balls in Oil or Ghee to fry which is not too hot.Fry over medium heat.
8. Keep on agitating the Oil so that the balls keep on revolving while frying and get evenly fried all over.
9. Fry till you get golden Brown Gulab Jamun colour and then dunk them in hot Sugar syrup.
10. Keep immersed in syrup for 5-6 hours or overnight.
11. Serve hot or cold.

Tips :-

– To make khoya instead of using Desi ghee you can even use oil as a fat for making it.
– If your sugar is not clean add 2-3 tablespoons of Milk while boiling and when milk boils to curdles remove the scum with perforated ladle.
– You can put remaining khoya in a ziplock bag and store in freezer section of your refrigerator
– You can make even make Gulab Jamuns using only Khoya.
– Don’t over knead the Khoya & Paneer dough otherwise it will start releasing Oil which we don’t want.
– If you add Baking powder to boiling Sugar syrup instead of adding to the flour your Gulab Jamuns balls will absorb less Oil while frying and still become soft.
– While frying Gulab Jamuns initially don’t flip or tough them with your ladle directly because being soft they might crack.
– Keep adequate Oil while frying Gulab Jamuns,if Oil is less they might get flat.
– If your Gulab Jamun ball cracks by itself while frying it means the quantity of flour is less in the dough.
– If Gulab Jamun doesn’t absorb Sugar syrup or doesn’t increase in size in Sugar syrup,it shows syrup is thick or cold .To dilute syrup add hot boiling Water.
– If you have fried Gulab Jamun in Ghee they might get hard in fridge.Heat before serving.

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