How to Dry Fresh Coriander


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Here we will learn how to dry fresh coriander/ Dhaniya at home so you can store to use fresh looking aromatic Dhaniya  round the year.


  • Fresh coriander / Dhaniya


  1. Take bundles of fresh Coriander .
  2. Chop off an inch above the root.
  3. Discard any unwanted rotten leaf or stem.
  4. Rinse Coriander 2-3 times in clean Water.
  5. Strain out all the Water and spread it over a clean thin cotton cloth.
  6. Let it dry in fridge or in indirect sunlight or in Oven.
  7. Now you can crush with your hand to form powder.

Tips :-

  • In fridge it will take about 7 days to dry.
  • If drying under sun keep it covered with another thin cotton cloth to avoid direct sunlight.
  • In Oven spread over your baking tray and dry at 40°C .It will take about 3-4 hours.

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