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Kulcha can be called an Indian bread stuffed with your chosen filling slightly crispy outside but soft and moist inside.These kulchas can be served with some savory curry like Kabuli channa dal.

Ingredients:-(Serving 5)


• 2 cups All Purpose Flour / Maida
• Salt to taste
• ¼ tsp Black Caraway / Kalonji
• ¼ tsp Baking Soda / Metha Soda
• 1 tbsp Oil
• 3 tsp curd
• Water as much required


• 2 Medium sized Potatoes
• 100 gms Cottage Cheese / Paneer
• 1 Onion
• 1 tbs chopped Green Coriander
• 1 tbs Dry Pomegranate Seeds / Anar Dana
• ½ tsp dry Mango Powder / Aamchoor
• ½ tsp Garamond masala
• Salt to taste
• ½ tsp Black Pepper Powder


• 2 tsp Sesame Seeds / White Til
• Butter


1. Mix all the above ingredients under Kulcha dough till it turns into bread crumbs.
2. Then adding water make it a soft dough and keep aside covered for about 4 hours.
3. Now mix and mash together all the ingredients of the kulcha filling.
4. Take a tennis ball size of the dough and fill in the made filling, then twist and seal the mouth of the filled dough ball.
5. Flatten the dough ball about 4 inches in diameter with your palm over an grease surface.
6. Place the Kulcha on a baking dish and brush some curd over it and then sprinkle the Sesame seeds.
7. Pop the dish in preheated oven at 200 degree Celsius for about 20 minutes.
8. Serve hot with applied butter


• If you don’t have an oven you can even make the Kulcha halfway over a griddle / Tawa and then in a toaster.

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