Plain Bread in Convection Mode of microwave


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Bake your own bread at home in Microwave Convection with ease as in OTG.We here have just made a simple plain bread which you won’t be able to resist it’s aroma and fresh flavour.You can make some variations to the recipe by adding your own herbs and spices according to your taste.


• 1 Cup Milk
• 3 tsp Dry Active Yeast
• 1 tsp Sugar
• 3 Cups All purpose Flour / Maida
• Salt to taste or 1/2 tsp
• 1 tbsp Butter or Margarine
• Warm water


1. Well mix and dilute Sugar and Yeast in Warm Milk.( Here be cautious the Milk should be warm not hot otherwise you will kill the Yeast.)
2. Keep this covered covered for atleast 10 minutes and let it to froth.
3. Now add this to All purpose Flour.
4. We now need to knead this into a soft dough adding warm water as much required or as as much water dough is able to absorb.
5. Keep on kneading it for about 10 to 15 minutes.( Don’t worry if the Flour is too sticky , you can apply some oil over your hands or sprinkle some dry Flour.)
6. Keep the dough ball in a greased bowl covered by a cling film or any other cover that would make it air tight in a warm place.
7. After 2 hours you, will see the dough has become double in size.
8. Knead the dough again for about 5 minutes,shape it in form of a log and place in the baking tin.(Pat it to remove all the air from the dough.)
9. Keep this again covered in a warm place for about an hour.
10. After this you will find the dough has risen again.
11. Now place the baking tin in the middle rack of your OTG or bake it in the convection mode of the microwave at 180 degree Celsius for about half an hour.
12. Next after done take it out,let it to cool and then cut.
13. Toast and serve with anything you like.


1. if you like you can even add 1 egg to the bread dough.
2. To get the golden crust brush the dough with egg white or egg yolk.
3. If you are strict vegetarian you can brush the bread dough with Oil or sweet milk for the golden crust as we have done here.

3 thoughts on “Plain Bread in Convection Mode of microwave”

  1. To get a golden brown crust over the bread apply some egg white over it or if u r a vegetarian u can even apply some olive oil (updated information ).Colour of the inner part of the bread may vary due to camera and lighting effect.


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