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Here is a authentic recipe of a classic Pinni, a sweet mithai made in every Punjabi household specially in the season of winters. As it’s loaded with dry fruits and made using Desi ghee it’s also considered as a warm and healthy sweet specially for pregnant women.Come let’s see how to make this Punjabi Pinni.

Ingredients:- ( Serves 18 )

* 2 cup Wheat flour / Atta

* 1 cup or approx 250gm Clarified butter / Desi ghee

* 50 gm Tragacanth gum /  Gond Katira

* 1/2 cup powdered Sugar / Pisse cheeni

* 2 tbsp chopped Cashews / Kaju

* 2 tbsp chopped Almonds / Badam

* 2 tbsp Melon seeds / Mangaj

* 2 tbsp Raisins / Kishmish

* 1/2 tsp green Cardamom powder / Hari elachi

* 1/2 tsp Black Cardamom seeds / Badi kali elachi dane


  • From 1 cup Ghee heat 1 teaspoon and then add Gond katira.Stir fry over low till it puffs up and gets crisp golden.
  • Let Gond katira cool down then coarsely grind preferably in mortar.
  • Take another reason Ghee from 1 cup to heat.In slightly hot Ghee add Cashews,Almonds,Raisins and Melon seeds.Saute on low to medium for 1-2 minutes or till dry fruits slightly changes colour.
  • Melt & slightly heat remaining Ghee and then add to wheat flour.Roast the flour in Ghee stirring continuously over low-medium till Ghee oozes out and the flour gets milk chocolate in colour.
  • Next transfer it to a plate to let it come down from hot to warm and then add and mix powdered Sugar,Black & Green cardamom powder,Sauted dry fruits and crushed Gond katira.
  • Make ladoo’s from the mix or classic Pinni shaped methai having finger marks over it..
  • Enjoy them for month keep in fridge for long storage period.

Tips :-

  • If you don’t have Gond katira instead add little Semolina / Suji to add little crispness.
  • To get a good Pinni texture the flour should have Bran in it plus it’s anyway ore healthy.
  • If the roasted  Pinni flour is too hot while adding Sugar ,it will start melting and if the flour gets too cold it will get difficult to mix and make Laddu ‘s.

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