Chena Murki


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Channa murky a popular sweet from north India easy to make and can be stored for longer time


* 150 gm Cottage cheese / Chena or Paneer
* 1/2 cup Sugar
* 1/4 cup Water
* 1/2 tsp Green cardamom / Elachi
* 1/4 tsp Rose Water/ Gulab Jal


1. Cut the Cottage cheese in medium size cubes.
2. Start making sugar syrup by preferably taking a non stick vessel and in it add the sugar along with water.
3. Let the sugar to melt keeping heat on low to medium and after the sugar melts put the heat on medium keeping an eye on it.We need a one thread consistency sugar syrup.
4. After you arrive at one thread consistency add the cottage cheese pieces and put the heat to a low.Keep on stirring continuously so that the sugar syrup completely costs the pieces.
5. Within few minutes the sugar syrup turns white and foamy at this point remove your pan from stove.
6. Add rose water and cardamom powder.
7. continue stirring the pieces upside down in the syrup.till the syrup gets completely dry.
8. Strain out the pieces of cottage cheese from remaining extra sugar left out.
9. Serve


– You can check the consistency of sugar syrup by taking a drop from back of the ladle or put a drop of the syrup over any plate,let it cool down a bit and then check the stickiness between your index finger and thumb.If you get one thread then it’s perfect here.
– You can reuse the remaining extra sugar.

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