Indian Style Mexican Veg Quesadilla


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Quesadilla is a Tortilla a Roti in simple Indian language which are half cooked and refrigerated in a ziplock bag to be used whenever required.These Quesadillas are filled with beans meat and lots of cheese just like sandwich.Usually these Tortillas are made using Corn meal but here we will be making them in Indian style using below listed ingredients.Enjoy!

Ingredients:- ( Serve 2 )


• 3/4 cup Refined flour/ Maida

• ¼ cup Wheat flour / Atta

• ¼ tsp Salt / Namak

• ¼ tsp Cumin / Zeera

• 1 tbsp oil / Tel

• 1 cup Water / Pani


• 1 tbsp Oil / Tel

• ½ tsp Cumin / Zeera

• 1 Onion / Pyaz

• 1 tsp Ginger paste / Adrakh

• ½ tsp Chilli paste / Mirch

• 1 tsp Coriander chutney or 1 tbsp fresh  / Dhaniya

• ½ cup Carrot / Gajjar

• ½ cup Sweet corn / Makai dana

• ½ cup boiled Chickpeas / Kabuli channa

• Salt to taste / Namak swad anusar

• 1 boiled Potato / Aloo

• ½ tsp Garam masala

• ½ tsp Chaat masala

• Some Cheese

• Some Chilli flakes or Oregano ( Optional )


• Some Oil or Butter / Tel or Ghee


  1. Make a dough adding all the dry ingredients in a bowl with Oil.
  2. Rub and mix and then gradually adding Water make a soft dough kneading for 5-7 minutes
  3. Keep it covered aside for 30 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile heat Oil and Cumin and let it crackle few seconds over low.
  5. Add roughly chopped Onions and sauté just for couple of minutes.
  6. Put in Ginger paste and continue sauting for a minute.
  7. Now drop in Carrot,Sweet corn and Salt .Saute till tender over high.
  8. In between add Chilli paste and Coriander chutney.
  9. After veggies are settled and tender add Chickpeas and Garam masala.
  10. Continue cooking mash Chickpeas a little from back of your spatula.l (Don’t overdo)
  11. Next drop in a mashed boiled Potato, well mix with the masala adding chaat masala and your stuffing is done.
  12. Divide dough in two parts and roll out each into a thin Tortilla ( Roti ).
  13. Roast Tortilla 50% over a preheated Griddle / Tawa over low.
  14. Layer half of the Tortilla with shredded cheese ,then made stuffing and again shredded cheese.
  15. You can sprinkle it with Chilli flakes or Oregano.
  16. Close Tortilla with the other half part.
  17. Roast over Butter or Oil over low-medium for crispy Quesadillas.
  18. Serve hot.

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