Less Expensive in 30 minutes Condensed Milk


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Thick creamy glossy condensed milk out of just half kilograms of any milk within half an hour without added preservatives.added advantage is that you get condensed milk in low cost compared to store bought stuff.

Ingredients 🙁 Serves 250 ml )

  • 500 ml 2% fat Milk
  • 1 cup or 125 gm Sugar
  • A pinch Baking soda


  1. In Milk add Sugar and let it to boil till sugar dissolves stirring in between.
  2. When Sugar dissolves put heat low to medium keeping an eye and stirring occasionally.
  3. After 15 minutes the Milk changes colour to yellowish but not thick enough as the Milk is still dripping from the spatula.
  4. Continue boiling till Milk reduces to one third in volume it will take you approximately half an hour.
  5. After that you will notice Milk dropping in small drops, this shows Milk has turned thick.
  6. Next add a pinch backing soda.
  7. Thoroughly mix and give it a boil.Put off
  8. Continue stirring till condensed milk comes down to room temperature,to avoid forming fat layer
  9. Store chilled in container.

Tips :-

  • Baking soda acts as a preservative and gives glossy texture to condensed Milk.
  • Notice froth in condensed after adding Baking soda.
  • After cooling down condensed Milk gets more thicker.
  • You can store it for 6 months in fridge or for long storage life put it in freezer section.Condensed milk will not turn solid in freezer but thicker that can be diluted using hot milk.

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